National Jeweler columnist Peter Smith
ColumnistsNov 14, 2023
Squirrel Spotting: 11 Sales Thoughts for the Season

From showing three items to asking the big question, Peter Smith gives tips for promoting a positive sales atmosphere this holiday season.

Duvall O’Steen and Jen Cullen Williams
ColumnistsJul 18, 2023
Creative Connecting: Why Jewelers Should Try Threads

Will Meta’s new app move the needle for fine jewelry? It’s too soon to tell but still worth trying, say Duvall O’Steen and Jen Cullen Williams.

ColumnistsNov 21, 2023

Emmanuel Raheb outlines three reasons why Hulu advertising and football can be a game changer for your jewelry store’s marketing.

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National Jeweler columnist Peter Smith
ColumnistsOct 11, 2023
The ‘Up System’ in Retail: Foolish or Fair?

Does having salespeople take turns waiting on customers make sense for jewelers, their employees, or their customers? Peter Smith opines.

National Jeweler columnist Peter Smith
ColumnistsAug 29, 2023
Squirrel Spotting: Non-Verbal Cues Say So Much

Peter Smith mines the psychology of disgust for insight on the messages we communicate through body language.

National Jeweler columnist and jewelry sales expert Peter Smith
ColumnistsJun 20, 2023
Squirrel Spotting: Not Head-Counting Is a Head Scratcher

Peter Smith can’t understand why retailers don’t want to know when people are coming into their store and if they are buying.

De Beers | Diamonds Falling
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The Most Important “C” in Diamonds: Confidence!

Without the ability to instill confidence within the industry and directly to the consumer, a diamond holds very little value.

National Jeweler columnist and jewelry sales expert Peter Smith
ColumnistsJun 13, 2023
Squirrel Spotting: Own Your Customer Experience

When something goes wrong, fix the problem instead of blaming your employer or a fellow employee, Peter Smith writes.

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Sales expert and author Peter Smith
ColumnistsJun 06, 2023
Squirrel Spotting: The Challenge of Closing Sales

Many times, customers walk away without buying because of this one thing salespeople neglect to do, Peter Smith writes.

National Jeweler columnist and jewelry sales expert Peter Smith
ColumnistsMay 23, 2023
Squirrel Spotting: The Case of the Pricey Repair

When it comes to pricing jewelry repairs, you should start by asking a simple question about the piece at hand, Peter Smith writes.

Platinum  Guild International Diamond Rings
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If It’s Custom, Make It Platinum

With holiday proposals right around the corner, encourage your customers to go for platinum when making the big purchase.

ColumnistsMay 16, 2023
PR 101: What Editors Want (and Need) in a Press Kit

Duvall O’Steen and Jen Cullen Williams outline best practices for brands to share their work with journalists, editors, and influencers.

Columnists Duvall O'Steen and Jen Cullen Williams
ColumnistsMay 09, 2023
Creative Connecting: The Dos & Donts of Pre-Trade Show Marketing

Creative displays and memorable packages tend to catch retailers’ attention while cold calls, emails and rude behavior should be avoided.

National Jeweler columnist Peter Smith
ColumnistsApr 25, 2023
6 Customer Myths That Might Be Holding Salespeople Back

Peter Smith shares some misconceptions about consumers as well as his belief that product information should be treated like a condiment.

ColumnistsApr 18, 2023
Email Marketing for Mother’s Day: How to Create a Campaign That Converts

Emmanuel Raheb advises on creating compelling subject lines, using urgency responsibly in jewelry marketing, and more for Mother’s Day 2023.

ColumnistsApr 11, 2023
Creative Connecting: Are You Unintentionally Lying to Your Customers?

Duvall O’Steen and Jen Cullen Williams share expert advice on how to avoid misleading consumers when it comes to more nuanced topics.

2022_Peter Smith.jpg
ColumnistsMar 21, 2023
Squirrel Spotting: Customer Retention Mindset—The New CRM

With jewelry sales coming down from their pandemic highs, retailers need to do all they can to retain existing customers, Peter Smith says.

2021_Sherry Smith.jpg
ColumnistsMar 14, 2023
On Data: How Did Independent Jewelers Do in January and February?

Sherry Smith breaks down the results so far this year, including which categories are the sales standouts and which are struggling.

ColumnistsMar 07, 2023
The Smart Lab: 6 Tips for Exhibiting at a Bridal Show

From freebies to follow-up, Emmanuel Rehab shares a list of must-dos for any jeweler looking to connect with soon-to-wed couples.

2022_Peter Smith NEW.jpg
ColumnistsMar 01, 2023
Squirrel Spotting: Human Connection and the Retail Experience

A friendly encounter in an airport reminded Peter Smith why the core reasons for visiting physical stores will never change.

20230222_Smart Age growing Instagram.jpg
ColumnistsFeb 22, 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Instagram Account From Scratch

Instagram is a huge opportunity for jewelry businesses. Don’t miss out because you’re not sure where to start, writes Emmanuel Raheb.

2022_Peter Smith.jpg
ColumnistsFeb 14, 2023
Squirrel Spotting: Examining Retail’s Uneasy Relationship With Brands

Peter Smith understands retailers’ issues with brands but, he argues, brands work. Here’s why.

ColumnistsFeb 07, 2023
Creative Connecting: Top Social Media Tools for 2023

Duvall O’Steen and Jen Cullen Williams dive into the trends and updates expected to shape the social landscape this year.

2022_Peter Smith.jpg
ColumnistsJan 31, 2023
Squirrel Spotting: How About a Word for the New Year?

It begins with a “t” and ends with a “c” and is imbued with warmth and positivity, Peter Smith writes.

2021_Sherry Smith.jpg
ColumnistsJan 24, 2023
On Data: Here’s How Independent Jewelers Did in 2022

Sherry Smith breaks down retailers’ performance last year, including how natural diamonds fared vs. lab-grown.

ColumnistsJan 18, 2023
The Smart Lab: How To Prepare for Valentine’s Day

Emmanuel Raheb offers five tips for winning business this Feb. 14, from offering complimentary wrapping to displaying delivery dates.

2022_Peter Smith.jpg
ColumnistsJan 10, 2023
Squirrel Spotting: A Blueprint for Building Sales Plans for the New Year

Columnist Peter Smith outlines the questions business owners need to ask themselves regardless of how aggressive their 2023 sales goals are.

20230104_digital marketing trends 2023.jpg
ColumnistsJan 04, 2023
The Smart Lab: These Will Be the Big Digital Marketing Trends in 2023

Live chat, influencers and video are just a few of the elements that need to be part of your digital marketing plan, Emmanuel Raheb writes.

ColumnistsDec 13, 2022
The Smart Lab: 6 Holiday Email Marketing Strategies To Boost Sales

From creating catchy subject lines to retargeting abandoned carts, Emmanuel Raheb has a half-dozen pieces of email marketing advice.

ColumnistsNov 15, 2022
Creative Connecting: Managing Customers’ Expectations During the Custom Design Process

A great custom design experience starts with listening to your customers, Duvall O’Steen and Jen Cullen Williams say.

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