Supplier BulletinAug 18, 2022

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Supplier BulletinSep 29, 2022
How to Create an Engaging Experience and a Sparkling Reputation

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Supplier BulletinSep 22, 2022
Using Commerce Data to Outshine the Competition in the Jewelry Industry

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Supplier BulletinSep 15, 2022
Searching For Jewelry Reveals Hidden Treasures In HiBid Auctions

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Sell More Using Natural & Lab Grown Fun Facts with Clients

Using fun facts during a sale gets your clients more interested and invested in their diamond purchase.

Supplier BulletinAug 11, 2022
AGTA GemFair™ Denver – Back and Better Than Before!

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Supplier BulletinAug 04, 2022
Unusual Jewelry Finds Eager Buyers In Online Auctions

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Supplier BulletinJul 28, 2022
Local Jewelry Dealers Use Online Auctions To Find Bidders Worldwide

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Sarine’s Second Generation AI-Based Diamond Grading

The diamond industry is dramatically evolving from manual to AI-based 4Cs grading. Stay up-to-date and discover the new AI-powered advances.

Supplier BulletinJul 21, 2022
Here's The Key To Finding Interested Jewelry Buyers In Every State

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Supplier BulletinJul 14, 2022
Online Auctions Offer Lucrative Options For Jewelry Sellers

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Supplier BulletinJul 07, 2022
Inventive Sellers Find Success Auctioning Jewelry Online

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Supplier BulletinJun 30, 2022
Here’s Where You’ll Find The Best Online Jewelry Auctions

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Supplier BulletinJun 24, 2022
AGTA GemFair™ Denver is the Place to Be in September!

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Supplier BulletinJun 16, 2022
HiBid Is A Jewelry Lover’s Best Friend

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Supplier BulletinJun 09, 2022
Retailer's Secret Revealed: The Technology that Keeps Your Customer in the Store

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Supplier BulletinJun 02, 2022
A Milestone in the Lab Grown Industry, the 3 Largest Certified Diamonds Over 15 Carats Coming to JCK

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Supplier BulletinMay 26, 2022
Extraordinary Italian Jewelry at JCK and COUTURE

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Supplier BulletinMay 05, 2022
AGTA GemFair™ Las Vegas 2022 Returns to the JCK Show!

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Supplier BulletinApr 28, 2022
Add the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show to your Jewelry Market Week Plans!

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Supplier BulletinMar 24, 2022
B2B Online Platform Get-Diamonds to Launch Innovative Online Tenders for Polished Diamonds

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Supplier BulletinMar 21, 2022
Celebrating 20 Years of the GEM Awards

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Supplier BulletinMar 15, 2022
Be A Part of the Leading Fine Jewelry Association in the U.S.

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