TrendsAug 05, 2022
Piece of the Week: Storrow Jewelry’s ‘Emblem Rosa’ Charm

The brand has attracted attention for its colorful, vintage-inspired pieces.

TrendsAug 01, 2022
Amanda’s Style File: Peridot That Pops

To kick off August, Amanda Gizzi is sharing jewelry featuring the month’s OG birthstone.

TrendsJul 25, 2022

At the Couture show, designers told colorful stories with gemstones, enamel, and gemstone beads.

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TrendsAug 08, 2022
Amanda’s Style File: Spicy Spinels

Tough, vibrant, and full of personality, spinel is a perfect birthstone for August babies, Amanda Gizzi says.

TrendsAug 02, 2022
Marvel Debuts Gem-Set Infinity Gauntlet

East Continental Gems provided more than 150 carats of gemstones for the project.

TrendsJul 29, 2022
Piece of the Week: Zahn-Z Jewelry’s ‘Gem Pop’ Ring

A lab-grown ruby makes the perfect nostalgic treat.

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3 Powerful Ways to Differentiate Your Diamond Business

Differentiate your business by creating a new and better diamond shopping experience.

TrendsJul 25, 2022
Los Angeles Rams Unveil Super Bowl LVI Ring

Designed by Jason of Beverly Hills, it has the highest diamond carat weight in the ring’s history.

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TrendsJul 19, 2022
Amanda’s Style File: Delicious Pears

Today’s pear-shaped stone jewels are leaving their outdated settings behind to make room for fresh vibes.

TrendsJul 08, 2022
Piece of the Week: Kavant & Sharart’s ‘Twist’ Ring

With a simple swivel, this on-trend gemstone ring goes from east-west to north-south and back again.

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The American Mined™ Collection: Ethical Sourcing That Matters

Rio Grande provides a pathway to responsibly sourced gemstones.

TrendsJul 06, 2022
See 17 July Birthstone Jewels That Bring the Heat

Red-hot ruby matches summertime temperatures, writes Style File columnist Amanda Gizzi.

TrendsJun 17, 2022
Britney Spears Wore Over $500K of Stephanie Gottlieb Diamonds at Her Wedding

The New York jeweler also made the pop star’s wedding bands.

TrendsJun 02, 2022
Amanda’s Style File: Lustrous Pearls for June

June’s birthstone is an incredible gift from nature and is celebrated in these 18 styles gathered by Amanda Gizzi.

TrendsMay 13, 2022
Piece of the Week: Renna’s ‘Caspian’ Pendant

It’s a sneak peek of the newness that will be on display at the Couture Show next month.

TrendsMay 09, 2022
Bella Hadid Is the New Face of Swarovski

The supermodel fronts the company’s new colorful campaign.

TrendsMay 06, 2022
Piece of the Week: Devon Woodhill’s ‘Goddess’ Locket

It’s the perfect jewel to gift on Mother’s Day.

TrendsMay 05, 2022
15 Jewels to Celebrate Mom in Style

This Amanda’s Style File picks the best Mother’s Day jewelry gifts.

TrendsMay 02, 2022
The 16 Best Emerald Jewels for May

In this Amanda’s Style File, Amanda Gizzi showcases emerald jewelry for spring celebrations.

TrendsApr 18, 2022
Author Beth Bernstein Pens Antique Jewelry Guide

“The Modern Guide to Antique Jewellery” explores antique jewels from the 1700s through the early 20th century.

TrendsApr 15, 2022
Piece of the Week: Jemma Wynne’s Duo Signet Ring

It’s an everyday take on the toi et moi trend.

TrendsApr 05, 2022
Amanda’s Style File: Raining Diamonds

Jewelers of America’s Amanda Gizzi shares her favorite April birthstone pieces.

TrendsMar 25, 2022
Piece of the Week: Moksh’s South Sea Pearl Ring

It evokes Mughal dynasty glamour with a modern-day touch.

TrendsMar 18, 2022
Piece of the Week: Lydia Courteille’s Floral Earrings

They provide a happy glimpse of the season to come.

TrendsMar 17, 2022
Amanda’s Style File: Gems from GEM Award Nominees

See pieces from Lauren Harwell Godfrey, Brent Neale Winston, and Beth Bugdaycay, who are up for this year’s Gem Award for Jewelry Design.

TrendsMar 16, 2022
Design Innovation: The Way Forward for Indian Jewelry Manufacturers

Creativity and design thinking help these jewelry manufacturers turn problems into opportunities.

TrendsMar 11, 2022
Piece of the Week: Elisa Solomon’s Good Luck Charm

It’s imbued with warmth and hope for the future.

TrendsMar 07, 2022
Gabriel & Co. Interviews Tommy Hilfiger in Designer Series

The iconic American designer also picked the Gabriel & Co. jewels to pair with his latest fashions.

TrendsMar 04, 2022
Piece of the Week: Alex Lozier’s Pendant for Ukraine

Proceeds will be donated to the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America.

TrendsMar 02, 2022
Amanda’s Style File: Peaceful Aquamarine

March’s birthstone is a powerful calming talisman for tumultuous times.

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