Chatham Is Now Distributing its Own Lab-Created Colored Gems

Lab-GrownSep 21, 2021

Chatham Is Now Distributing its Own Lab-Created Colored Gems

The company is ending its partnership with Stuller, which had carried its loose gemstones for more than 20 years.

A hexagon-shaped lab-grown alexandrite from Chatham. The company just announced it is ending its long-standing partnership with Stuller and bringing distribution of its loose colored gemstones in-house. (Photo courtesy of Chatham)
San Marcos, Calif.—Chatham announced last week that it is severing ties with Stuller and will become the sole distributor of its loose lab-grown colored gemstones. 
Monica McDaniel, vice president of marketing at Chatham, said the company opted to end its partnership with Stuller because the search results for “Chatham” on the Stuller website weren’t clear enough.
For example, when a retailer searched for a “Chatham emerald” on, non-branded lab-grown gemstones would pop up too, which caused confusion, she said.
“For the retailer it was very confusing because thought they were purchasing a Chatham [lab-grown gemstone] because that’s what they searched for,” McDaniel said. 
Chatham did bring up the issue to Stuller, she said, but the company continued to list its search results in the same way. So Chatham opted to bring colored gemstone distribution in-house in order to have more control over the brand.
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McDaniel also noted the change gives retailers better access to Chatham’s wide array of colors and cutting styles. 
Founded in 1938, Chatham is known for its man-made emeralds but also produces 10 other gem varieties: alexandrite, aqua-blue spinel, opal, and ruby as well as blue, champagne, padparadscha, pink, white, and yellow sapphires. 
(Chatham also produces lab-grown diamonds, which always have been distributed in-house.) 
There are no minimum requirements for loose stone orders, though discounts are available through program opportunities.
To place orders for loose colored gemstones, retailers can call 800-222-2002, email, or order online through retailer login access on the Chatham website.
Michelle Graffis the editor-in-chief at National Jeweler, directing the publication’s coverage both online and in print.

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