John Hardy’s New ‘Bamboo’ Jewelry Additions Emphasize Sustainability

CollectionsApr 28, 2021

John Hardy’s New ‘Bamboo’ Jewelry Additions Emphasize Sustainability

A digital campaign highlights the Bali, Indonesia-based jewelry company’s commitment to responsible practices.

This Bamboo 28MM Flex Cuff in sterling silver with black spinel and black sapphires ($1,695) is part of John Hardy’s new spring 2021 offerings.
Bali, Indonesia—For every bamboo-inspired piece of jewelry John Hardy sells, it plants bamboo seedlings as part of its longstanding “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” initiative.

To continue to promote its bamboo reforestation efforts in Bali, Indonesia, home to the John Hardy workshop, the company recently released a two-part video highlighting advocates and creatives dedicated to working with the renewable resource.

Posted on the brand’s Instagram, one video features Elora Hardy, daughter of John Hardy and founder of architecture firm Ibuku.

Ibuku creates intricate, towering bamboo structures. The firm has crafted properties like Green School Bali and Bambu Indah Resort, as well as editions of The Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton hotels.

Hardy also teaches her techniques at a workshop called Bamboo U.

In a statement from John Hardy, Elora Hardy said, “People realize bamboo is sustainable, but they don’t yet see how far it can go, how interesting it can be, and what it can teach us. New shoots grow each year from the mother root system, it is a regenerating plant that teaches us to bend but not break, and to be flexible. Beauty only matters when it forever supports Earth as our home.”

WATCH: John Hardy’s Video on Bamboo’s Possibilities
In the second video, John Hardy showcases Arief Rabik of Environmental Bamboo Foundation, which transforms barren regions across Indonesia by planting bamboo farms.

Rabik works specifically on the foundation’s Bamboo Village Initiative, which obtains government land grants and provides resources and training for local farmers to reforest.

“Bamboo is magic,” said Rabik. “It’s a giant grass that stitches up the landscape and the soil, it brings back the water and stabilizes pollutants to become healthy food for its roots.”

The farmers with whom Rabik and his team work are primarily female. He explained, “Women are highly enterprising and dedicated farmers who give nearly all of their profits back to their families, extended families and communities. It is here, in this work, that we can plant and bring back the forests of the past.”

WATCH: John Hardy Highlights the Environmental Bamboo Foundation
Since 2007, when John Hardy launched the “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” project, it’s planted more than 1.3 million seedings. 

The video campaign is one way it is reminding customers of its core company values, and it coincides with new additions to its signature bamboo range.

With each piece engraved with the specific amount of bamboo seedlings donated to be replanted, highlights include the sterling silver “Bamboo Fan Necklace” featuring thirty-two hollow bamboo castings carved to fit together, and the sterling silver “Bamboo 28MM Flex Cuff” with black spinel and black sapphire. 

Large open cuffs, hoop earrings and chunky rings fill out the new assortment, with a variety available in 18-karat yellow gold. 

In time for Mother’s Day, John Hardy is also promoting a partnership with nonprofit Every Mother Counts, which advocates to make pregnancy and childbirth safer for women globally.

John Hardy will donate 20 percent of proceeds of birthstones styles purchased now through the month of May to the organization.

Ashley Davisis the senior editor, fashion at National Jeweler, covering all things related to design, style and trends.

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