Together/Apart: TPC-365

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Together/Apart: TPC-365

The Plumb Club is launching a B2B sales platform bringing jewelers the benefits of face-to-face sales meetings in an easy-to-use, interactive and effective virtual setting.

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Togetherness nurtures relationships, inspires ideas, builds confidence, forges partnerships, and does so much more to make lasting connections.

The desire to be together, even if we cannot, is the motivation behind the groundbreaking B2B virtual sales meeting platform offered by The Plumb Club.

Named TPC-365, the platform, launched in September, was customized for The Plumb Club via a strategic partnership with BOSS Logics, a leading provider of web-based business-solutions designed to simplify, transform and automate product creation, sales and management.

Leveraging BOSS’s innovative “together” technology, TPC-365 goes beyond video conferencing, screen sharing, and other piecemeal solutions to truly replicate an in-person sales meeting in the most seamless, effortless way. 

The Real Thing

TPC-365 allows vendors to conduct virtual sales meetings with their retail clients that emulate what they do in person, including virtual handshakes and hugs. Jewelers need only use the link shared in an email invitation to gain access. One minute is required to sign up as a TPC-365 retailer, then nothing else is needed - no downloading an app nor subscribing to a platform.

Skeptical at first, Jeff Weinman, Executive Vice President of Sales for Plumb Club member, Original Designs Inc. says, “It was hard to believe any platform could come close to an in-person sales meeting, but this does! It allows me to present ‘virtual trays’ of jewelry to a jeweler, who can click for closer looks and more detail, pick pieces via drag-and-drop, and review look books, catalogues and other marketing material, as easily and as directly as if it were being slid across the table.”

An interactive product and media-sharing feature allows vendors to see what their client is looking at in real time, down to the smallest detail. This allows the vendor to be more responsive as a retailer interacts with products on screen.

Where other screen-sharing services and video meeting platforms are limited and clunky, TPC-365, powered by the ‘together’ technology, excels! Presentations can include high-resolution product images, streaming media, product descriptions, and can be tailored to specific clients. Meetings can consist of pre-developed presentations, but also have the flexibility to pull in unscheduled elements and new products from a virtual content library that vendors have at their fingertips. It’s a totally immersive experience.

When done, vendors can send a virtual briefcase via email of items selected, including product images selected, pricing, notes discussed, and collateral shown. “When you see what it can do, even the biggest skeptics change their mind,” says Weinman. 

Jewelry retailer Steven Singer of Philadelphia concurs that the platform is “the next best thing to physically being there.” 

Three-Prong Strategy

TPC-365 was in the works since 2018 and has been accelerated due to the current market. It will be completed in 2021.

Currently, Plumb Club member companies have the ability to invite retailers to join a TPC-365 virtual meeting and retailers may request a meeting with any member through The second-phase of the platform will allow retailers to seek out specific product via a virtual shopping center. The final-phase establishes a resource center to access The Plumb Club’s valuable education and innovation content.

“The TPC-365 ‘together’ platform offers huge efficiencies to both manufacturers and retailers. It also provides an effective business-relationship-building tool and a totally collaborative experience, just like an in-person meeting would,” says Zach Lipsky, Founder and President of Boss Logics.

“Its relevance and importance allow vendors and clients to regularly connect”, explains Lawrence Hess, Executive Director of The Plumb Club. “Members say they’ve met with clients more often in the past few months than ever before. It’s efficient, effective, safer, and very collaborative.”

TPC-365 is a much-needed sales tool, and compelling benefit for Plumb Club member companies. Currently, The Club has opened up its membership to consider a limited number of new companies on its roster, who are on-board with the need for RJC compliance, The Club’s code of ethics and mission to positively shape the future of the jewelry industry, as well as those eager to increase their business. Interested companies can submit a membership inquiry at

“Many industries have been successfully leveraging the virtual space for years,” says Michael Lerche, President of The Plumb Club. “The jewelry industry has been lagging, however, now more than ever the virtual space is essential for sustained business growth. Virtual is the future. As a club, we’re thrilled to introduce TPC-365. When complete, it will house many elements that will help us achieve our mission to the industry to Educate, Innovate and Connect.”

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