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WFDB Diamond Aid Campaign Provides Vaccination Drive in Mumbai

Policies & IssuesJul 20, 2021

WFDB Diamond Aid Campaign Provides Vaccination Drive in Mumbai

It will include 5,000 members of the diamond trade in its first stage.

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses launched the Diamond Aid campaign in May, now resulting in a free vaccination drive for the diamond trade in Mumbai.
Antwerp—The World Federation of Diamond Bourses’ Diamond Aid campaign has led to a free vaccination drive for the diamond trade in Mumbai.

Launched in May, the campaign was created to raise funds to help India in its battle against COVID-19. 

Conducted by appealing to industry leaders and press online and through social media, the campaign raised tens of thousands of dollars from individuals and industry organizations.

The project’s vaccination drive will include 5,000 members of the diamond trade in its first stage, WFDB said, and is organized in conjunction with the Indian Gem & Jewellery National Relief Foundation, the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), and the Bharat Diamond Bourse. 

The vaccinations are being administered by Apollo Hospitals, while venue and logistics support are provided by Borivali Diamond Cutters and Polishers Association. 

“We are extremely gratified that the WFDB’s Diamond Aid campaign has enabled the vaccination of thousands of diamond workers in the Mumbai area. We launched the Diamond Aid campaign out of a deep sense of mutual responsibility for the diamond community worldwide,” WFDB President Yoram Dvash said. 

“Through our efforts, we were able to mobilize the support of large parts of the diamond and jewelry world and to raise many tens of thousands of dollars for this cause. We thank all of our donors, as well as the BDB, the GNJRF and the GJEPC for making this vaccination drive a reality.”

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